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Dunbar Real Estate & Home Prices

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Dunbar Homes By The Numbers

Each property gets a score from 0-1,000, showing how much of its potential has been realized. Low score properties have more upside. High score properties are already optimized.

Average Realm Score

Our assessment of the average current home value. We use several data sources including tax assessments, listing history, building permits, and zoning regulations.

Average Home Value

$97k25th percentile
$146k75th percentile
$97k25th percentile
$146k75th percentile
How much each home's value could increase with additional investment. We've analyzed what upgrades and changes are possible on each property in this neighborhood.

Average Untapped Potential Value

$86k25th percentile
$127k75th percentile
$86k25th percentile
$127k75th percentile
The additional square feet each lot has available to develop. We compare the current footprint of the home to the maximum footprint allowed by local zoning rules.

Average Buildable Square Feet

1,514 sq ft
How much homes have been sold for over the last year.

Average Sale Price (Last 12 months)


Popular Projects in Dunbar

Our pricing estimates use local labor & material costs. With your free Realm account, you can customize pricing based on square footage and quality of materials.

Happiness is a brand new kitchen. Replace fixtures, buy new appliances, and make it your own.

Kitchen Renovation

Estimated Cost: $31k - $38k

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Improve your outdoor living space with a lounge-worthy deck and never miss golden hour again.


Estimated Cost: $3200 - $3900

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You don't have to live with an ugly bathroom. Get the spa-like escape you deserve with a top-to-bottom reno.

Bathroom Renovation

Estimated Cost: $11k - $14k

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Upgrade your bathroom and embrace the comfort you deserve with a comprehensive renovation that transforms your space into a haven of relaxation.

Primary Bathroom Renovation

Estimated Cost: $12k - $15k

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Upgrade to a kitchen that perfectly blends utility and aesthetics, making cooking and gathering a joyous experience.

Kitchen Renovation

Estimated Cost: $25k - $30k

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