You're a homeowner much longer than you're a homebuyer

It's crazy that you're left to navigate so many expensive home decisions on your own

Founded by real estate entrepreneur Liz Young in 2019, Realm is a one-stop-shop for accessible, actionable home advice. Investing in a house — whether you want to sell it, rent it, or enjoy it for yourself — is a series of difficult and expensive decisions. There’s never been a place to turn to for advice or guidance (besides your friend who “knows real estate”). Until now!

Your home is likely your biggest asset

Primary residences account for 62% of the average American homeowners' total assets, and the spending doesn’t stop once they move in — the average American homeowner is spending $8k/year on home improvements. For all of the homeowners who have made the investment in a down payment, Realm is here to answer the burning question, “What’s next?” 

The spending doesn't stop once you move in

With data-backed insights ranging from when to tackle a bathroom renovation to when to refinance, we are here to help modern American homeowners get more out of their biggest asset.

Meet our leadership team

Liz Young
Founder & CEO
Yufei Pan
Chief Technology Officer
Rohan Weigel
VP of Data & Ops
Scot Parsley
VP of Finance & Strategy
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Here's what publications are saying

Homeowners often struggle to decide which upgrades will offer the biggest property-value boost. Realm helps out by analyzing real estate, tax, zoning and other data to offer recommendations—assessing the impact of different designs, materials and financing options to calculate the return on, say, a kitchen renovation.

Time Magazine

For most entrepreneurs, launching a startup three months before a global pandemic would just be bad luck. Not so for Realm founder Liz Young... During the pandemic, Realm started receiving hundreds of inquir­ies per week from homeowners looking for advice.

Inc. Magazine

What makes the company different from other valuation offerings out there, according to Young, is that rather than telling owners what their homes are worth today, Realm can tell them what their home could be worth after renovations in months and years to come.


In a complex real estate market, it's tools like Realm that help us feel more in control of the homeownership process.... This resource gives them the opportunity to formulate educated decisions that actually make a difference.


If you're looking for other home improvement projects to help you maximize your time, effort, and money, Realm has a few other ideas for projects that have surprisingly high ROI.

Southern Living

Realm's focus on the homeowner and single-family home makes it a rarity in the real estate data world, which is typically focused on commercial properties.

Business Insider

The American Dream has traditionally been rooted in homeownership and for most, real estate represents the most highly-valued asset. Yet not much attention has been dedicated to helping homeowners maximize the value of these assets.


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Find out what motivates our founder, Liz Young, and see how Realm impacts the lives of homeowners.


Why I founded Realm

With each additional investment I made, I kept asking myself: “Why doesn’t every American homeowner have access to the same information as a real estate investor, a commercial real estate developer, or a seasoned house flipper?” The average American homeowner has 62% of their assets tied up in their property, yet there is no resource to help treat a home as an asset. 


Building for today, investing for tomorrow

Jacob and Lauren found a home with space for their growing family and enough acreage to build an accessory dwelling unit. After red tape thwarted their initial attempt to build a rental property, they turned to Realm to achieve their goals.

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We cover most single-family homes in the US. You can learn more about our coverage in your county below.

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Realm is free to use. You can access property-specific ROI calculations for a variety of projects in your free Realm Dashboard after creating an account. You can add as many properties as you’d like to your dashboard. 

Your Realm Score helps you understand how much of your property’s potential you’ve already tapped into, both in terms of home value and livability. Look up any address at to find its Realm Score. It’s calculated on a standardized scale of 0-1,000 and is easy to use to compare properties as it only takes into account the things you are able to change about your property.

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Realm provides local project cost estimates as well as property-specific ROI estimates for 50+ different types of projects. Our Property Plan tool includes renovating outdated spaces (kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel), adding space (home addition, garage conversion, backyard home), installing amenities (pool, deck, landscaping), completing repairs (HVAC, plumbing), and updating components of the home (siding, paint, exterior doors)

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We offer an advisory service for customers who live in California. This service includes an in-depth custom analysis of your property, guidance on setting a budget, recommendations on how to finance your project, and personalized matching to high-quality contractors. We'll only introduce you to vendors once you're ready and we vet everyone in advance so you don't have to navigate dozens of inbound calls.

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We’ve purchased data from a variety of partners and also collect data ourselves. Our analysis of each home uses thousands of data points across tax assessor history, building permits, zoning regulations, listing price history, and listings photos.

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Yes! Realm is free for you to use. Visit our resource page for agents and email us at [email protected] with any questions.

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We have active partnerships with vendors in California and will be expanding to more states soon. If you're interested in becoming a Realm Partner, fill out our form below and someone will get in touch.

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