At Realm, we're building a marketplace to make anyone a home expert. 

We're a diverse team of real-estate enthusiasts, engineers, data scientists, and operators. We work fast, collaborate, and celebrate as a team. 

We’re united by our commitment to make a big impact on millions of homeowners nationwide and by our desire to build a welcoming workplace for all Realm team members where we create time and space for celebrating uniqueness.

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Our story

Why I founded Realm

With each additional investment I made, I kept asking myself: “Why doesn’t every American homeowner have access to the same information as a real estate investor, a commercial real estate developer, or a seasoned house flipper?” The average American homeowner has 62% of their assets tied up in their property, yet there is no resource to help treat a home as an asset. 


Our values

  1. Think like a homeowner
    Homeowner needs are at the center of everything we do. We actively make time to engage with homeowners & vendors to better understand what creates an exceptional experience.
  2. Be an owner, not a renter
    We take pride in the business we get to build, acting as owners of outcomes and results. We all take initiatives, ruthlessly prioritize, and get things done that make the most impact on our key results and customers.
  3. Be an explorer
    We are a category-defining business, which means the path is not laid out for us. Our success depends on our ability to explore, think outside of the box, and then test and validate our ideas quickly.
  4. Require excellence
    We are here to win and will let nothing stand in our way. We hold each other accountable
    to exceptionally high-performance standards, check our egos at the door, and offer to help when a team member needs it.

Our team

Kerry - What do you love about Realm?

Being part of such a talented, driven group of people inspired to help millions of homeowners. We're building something that affects our neighbors, friends, and relatives — such an important mission.

Raquelle - What do you find motivating about working at Realm?

We help homeowners create more joy, ease, beauty, and financial security in their homes. This has a domino effect that impacts their families, their communities, and even future generations.

Nathan - Why are you passionate about your job?

As a homeowner myself, I'm well aware of the pitfalls and difficulties in trying to get projects done. Having an unbiased, easy process to help with that is a pretty big game changer!

Our perks
A time for employees to let their hair down and get to know their colleagues in a relaxed setting. 
At Realm, we understand that family comes first and believe parental leave is a priority.
We offer a variety of health benefits like One Medical and TalkSpace to support employee well being
Everyone owns a piece of the company. When Realm wins, we all win.
Everyone does their best work when they also get time to unplug. We are advocates for time off and encourage vacations.
We actively learn from our community, educate others, and celebrate wins.

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