Dan & Kristin: Building an ADU

Realm homeowners: Dan & Kristin
Location: Whittier, California

Project: ADU garage conversion

Dan and Kristin, were torn between moving, and a cost-effective expansion on their existing property. 
Their daughter, her husband, and a young grandchild needed more space, especially with another baby on the way. They decided that converting their garage into an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) was the best solution.

“We were newbies, and didn't know
what we were getting ourselves into. 
With Realm, we felt covered and protected from making a lot of mistakes."

How Realm helped:

Dan and Kristin’s renovation advisor, Andy, helped them understand if the project estimates were reasonable, offer insights into industry practices and even pushed along their CalHFA Grant application when they were at a stand-still. Andy’s support helped Dan and Kristin navigate difficult decisions while managing a very tight timeline- with their project finishing a few days before their daughter’s due date.

Dan and Kristin's Realm Advisor, Andy, helped leverage the entire process from application to approval, while providing savings hacks along the way

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