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Generating warm leads and new inventory is easy with Realm’s free Reconnect service. We send your clients resources that position you as the go-to expert for when they’re ready to sell. Here's how it works

  • You work with a dedicated Realm partner to gather a list of your past and current clients
  • We email them co-branded monthly reports showing their home’s potential value with recommended renovations
  • You get notified as soon as they’re ready to buy or sell

We take care of everything, and you get the benefits of increased repeat & referral business and more time back to win more listings. Plus, it's free to use!

How it works

After you enroll your clients, we take care of the outreach each month to make it easy for you to stay top of mind for repeat & referral business


We introduce your client to this new resource

Real-time insights

We provide local, accurate data to help clients navigate renovations


We make it easy for your past clients to get back in touch

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Why our data is different

We provide local, accurate data on what renovations cost and which ones are the best investments, all calculated specifically for each home. Our insights are so unique that they recently won us a spot on TIME Magazine’s list of 100 Best Inventions.

  • We use our own data sources - in addition to using public real estate data, we've built our own databases on project pricing, local regulations, and more!
  • We focus on what’s possible - we go beyond what a home is currently worth and understand what it has the potential to be worth after various upgrades & repairs
  • We partner with local experts - we know the combination of data & local expertise is more powerful than either on its own.

Reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more

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Hear from our agent partners

Banna Fakhoury - Miami

I can now help guide clients on certain home renovation projects prior to listing or after they buy their home

Richard Panier - Georgia

Realm brings great value to homeowners that are looking to increase their ROI

Jason Sirois - Denver

I love Realm’s platform! I am using it to help clients increase their home value

Julie Do - Washington DC

It has been great using Realm to help my client visualize the scope of their project

Kimberley Agado - Southern California

I am looking forward to sharing Realm with my clients who are looking to renovate their homes

Rhianon Schuman - Denver

I love using the platform to engage with my clients more effectively

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