Jackie & Floyd: An interior remodel and addition

Realm homeowners: Jackie & Floyd
Location: San Mateo, California

Project: Full-interior remodel and addition

Built in 1954, the home had all original finishes. Jackie's renovation project involved a comprehensive overhaul of their home. The plans included structural changes to the floor plan, relocating the kitchen, and adding an extension to accommodate their growing family with two daughters aged four and one and a half.

How Realm helped:

Jackie’s renovation advisor, Amberly, helped her understand if the project estimates were reasonable, clarify doubts about the builder, and offer insights into industry practices. This personalized support brought much-needed peace of mind to Jackie during a time 
when making critical renovation decisions could feel overwhelming while updating their home.

Jackie and Floyd's wishlist:

With any home improvement project, you have to work within your budget. This number can limit the amount of things that you want to do. Here is a list of what Jackie and Floyd wanted
to do, and what they were able to do with their budget, working with Realm.

Realm helped Jackie and Floyd throughout the renovation process. Realm helped them review multiple bids and matched them with a vetted local contractor. We helped them keep their project on schedule and on budget.

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