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San Francisco Bay Area, CA

From dirt pit to backyard paradise

Chris and Jennifer's landscaping project with Amberly

Finding Realm was such a godsend because now I had an Advisor that could spearhead everything. To go from throwing darts at a wall, like seeing what sticks, to let me hold your hand and show you how to get this done — that's what Realm did.

ChrisRealm customer

The plan

Chris and Jennifer wanted to turn their 2,000-square-feet backyard into a place where their son and dog could play and they could entertain friends and family. Their Realm Advisor, Amberly, connected them with a contractor who found creative solutions that kept the project within their budget. And he completed the entire landscaping job in under two weeks!

Decisions like adding hardscape to set the foundation and flow of the yard first, and then adding more plants over time, ensures you don't end up re-doing anything later. And working with an experienced landscaper is critical to avoid things like flooding or pooling water.

AmberlyRealm Advisor


Services Provided

  • Designer
  • Contractor
  • Bid Review
  • Bid Negotiation
  • Zoning Analysis
  • Pricing and ROI Analysis


Want to landscape your outdoor space?