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burned by contractors?

A Realm Advisor will make sure you get quality work at a fair price. Enter your home address to save 20-45% on your next renovation.

  • Personal Advisor

    Your dedicated Realm Advisor is a local renovation expert who provides support throughout the entire process.

  • Custom home report

    Your home report includes detailed project pricing, ROI estimates, and information on zoning regulations.

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  • Multiple project bids

    We’ll source and help you evaluate bids from our network of vetted contractors.

More than 400 happy homeowners

Chris & Jennifer
Concord, CA

I honestly felt like our Realm Advisor was the first person who actually listened to what we wanted to do, as opposed to saying this is what you should do.

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Berkeley, CA

Everyone should know about Realm! They make it so easy to understand which renovations I should do and who I should work with.

Alex & Erica
Los Angeles, CA

The Realm approach was much more data and research driven—the estimates were right on the money. And our advisor was so on top of it from the beginning to the end.

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Work with your Advisor to...

Plan for success

Eager to start your next renovation – but worried about getting ripped off by your contractor? Or maybe you're struggling to find workers who are even available. You can count on Realm to take the risk out of renovating. Your dedicated Realm Advisor will coach you every step of the way to help you:

⚬ Choose the right renovation based on real-time data & what’s possible for your home

⚬ Connect with high-quality, vetted contractors

⚬ Get you 3 bids in 2 weeks from excellent contractors

⚬ Select the bid with the fairest price for the highest-quality work

Get renovations done faster

Ready to start your next upgrade or remodel? Your Realm Advisor can save you 20-45% on your renovation costs and help you get projects done faster with:

⚬ Reliable financing guidance

⚬ Updated, customized pricing data

⚬ Efficient renovation plans

⚬ Thorough bid reviews

Connect with vetted, available contractors

Tired of no-show workers and unfair prices? You’re not alone.

The average contractor has an 11-month wait list. But Realm shortens your renovation timeline by connecting you with reliable contractors who are available and do nothing less than high-quality work at fair prices.

Your experienced Realm renovation Advisor will help you:

⚬ Choose a reliable contractor from our network of triple-vetted professionals

⚬ Save on project costs by ensuring reasonable pricing

⚬ Thoroughly review each bid with you to help you choose the best one 

How Realm helps

When you work with a Realm Advisor, you get unbiased answers to your biggest questions so you can move forward with confidence.

  • What can I build on my property?

  • How much will my renovation cost?

  • What's the best way to finance my renovations?

  • Which architects, contractors, or designers should I work with?

  • Should I renovate my home or move?

  • What's the best use of my home equity?

Ready to start renovating with Realm?

Enter your home address to get 3 bids in 2 weeks from our network of triple-vetted contractors.